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The Journey to excellence: Sephora University


At Sephora University, the support of our sales consultants through the different stages of their development is just as important as their final destination.


We believe that the best results in beauty come after quality care beforehand. Sephora University helps drive our search for talent in the field of care by offering the most sensitive sales consultants a comprehensive development programme with our Europe & Middle East training teams.


The creation of stepping stones


Depending on their choices, their motivation and their thirst for learning, our sales advisors are offered pathways that allow them to strengthen their expertise.


They can then flourish as a care, fragrance expert or make-up artist.


An elite unit 


The Sephora PRO Team Europe and Middle East, was created in 2016 with 5 members, it is now composed of 11 Make-up Artists from all over the region.


Its goal: to make Sephora the gold standard for make-up expertise and in-store customer experience. To achieve this goal, its members are selected with great care. They are chosen for their creative expertise and because of their team spirit. They are the principal ambassadors for Sephora in the world of beauty.


Creating experts in 3 steps:


1 - Selection of candidates from our different countries who have the chance to participate in a rigorous training programme of 12 months, on the 4 major pillars that a Sephora Make-up Artist needs to master: 

-       Communication, through a workshop called "The Communication Studio",

-       Business experience, through a workshop called: "The Commercial Studio"

-       Creativity and knowledge of the cosmetic environment, through a workshop called "Industry Expertise Studio"

-       And Make-up techniques, through a workshop called "The Make-Up Artistry Studio".


2 - The most competent candidates will be interviewed on the following topics by a panel of experts: communication, sales, Creativity & knowledge of the cosmetics industry and expertise in make-up


3 - It is at the end of this stage that some candidates have the chance to become part of the PRO Team Sephora.
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