Your Sephora adventure

Interested in joining one of Sephora’s teams? You can bet there’ll be plenty of learning, challenge and growth along the way. Are you ready? Your adventure starts here.

The Adventure Begins

Before setting off on your adventure, you need to gather up the information and tools you need to succeed. In part, this means learning about beauty science and products. And learning about our values and ways of doing things. Like the Sephora Management Style (SMS), dynamic principles that guide our unique approach. Or what it means to have Sephora Attitude – a customer-focused sales approach that gives us the edge over our competition.

Your Fellow Trailblazers

When you become Sephora, you become part of the Sephora community. You get to meet those dazzling individuals that make us shine. Either in-store or at Head Office, you’ll be meeting the colleagues, managers, and other key contacts that will support you throughout your Sephora adventure. This is a good time to start developing your Sephora network, contacts throughout the company that will help you along your career path.

Thirst for Knowledge

During your first steps at Sephora, you’ll also get solid, practical training in Sephora methods, techniques and products. From getting to grips with the practical aspects of Sephora to special in-depth seminars at Sephora University, our induction program will ensure that you learn everything you need to do an excellent job.

If you’re working in-store, you’ll be schooled in the three lines of products - Perfume, Makeup and Skin Care - to become a beauty expert, a Sephora Beauty Advisor. You’ll also be prepared with additional training in our sales and customer relations approach and specific Sephora retail skills. As for Specialists (our name for Section Managers) and Store Managers, they receive additional 360° expert coaching on sales and managerial methods.

If you’re at Sephora’s Head Office, your first steps are supported by colleagues, managers and HR staff. There’s also an induction seminar to familiarise you with our values, culture and management style. And a potential field course too – one day to several weeks spent in-store, discovering the retail side of Sephora, our different professions, our business and our priorities.


At Sephora, if you have talent, we’ll find it. And we’ll help you develop it with award-winning training and daily challenges to build your skills and confidence. Prepare to become better. Prepare to become Sephora.

Training for Development

We design our training in partnership with LVMH and professional suppliers. Sephora has an entire training strategy of continuing education that develops your talent to meet the challenges of a global beauty business. In fact, Sephora training is a recognized quality label with its own dedicated campus - Sephora University.


Training for Beauty Advisors

To become Sephora Beauty Advisors, you’ll need to take on Sephora Attitude, our unique sales technique driven by obsession for customer. And of course, Beauty Advisors receive specialised training in beauty too! The science of skincare, makeup techniques and scent creation - all that you need to develop your makeup artistry, and provide customers with the personalized advice we’re known for.

Training for Managers

Store Manager or Specialist - you’ll receive 360° personal coaching in Sephora’s management approach. Like how to effectively run your store or section to meet sales objectives. And how to manage your staff effectively too, from motivational techniques to handling conflict to career development. Plus you’ll learn the professional tools and processes (performance indicators, SAP for flow management) that we rely on to keep our competitive edge.

Training for Head Office

At Head Office, we’re committed to helping of our staff develop professionally, increasing skills and experience in line with your future objectives. This training approach is adapted to your individual needs, but also takes into account Sephora’s strategic business goals, new trends and developments. What does this mean? We’re going places, and we’ll take you with us!
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