Your experience at Sephora

Want to join a Sephora team? A programme with training, challenges and opportunities for constant development!


First of all…

It is essential that you gather the information and tools essential for your success: learn about beauty science and products, but also immerse yourself in our values and culture.


A network of valuable collaborators

By joining Sephora, you join much more than a company: you are an integral part of the larger Sephora community. You meet passionate, supportive and daring people who allow Sephora to shine and nourish and make it different. In stores or at head office, you build a network of colleagues and managers who support you throughout your journey.


Your first steps

Upon your arrival, you benefit from comprehensive practical training in our techniques, methods and products. This programme allows you to get going quickly.

In store, you are trained in three product lines - Perfumes, Care, Make-up - to be beauty expert. You also receive additional training in the "Sephora Attitude" our unique approach to sales methods and customer relations. As a department manager and store manager, you benefit from a 360° training programme dedicated to Sephora’s unique approach to retailing.

At head office, you will receive support from your colleagues, managers and HR teams. An integration seminar allows you to familiarise yourself with our values, our culture and our management style. You also have the opportunity to spend time in a store (from one day to several weeks) to discover our retail philosophy ay first hand.  


Our courses are designed in partnership with the LVMH group and some of the world’s foremost training organisations. We have a complete range of "Sephora University" certified courses to set free all your talent and allow you to take on all challenges!

- Training for beauty advisors

To become a Sephora advisor, you must adopt the "Sephora Attitude": a state of mind driven by our obsession for customer satisfaction.

Each of our advisors also receives training dedicated to beauty. Skin science, make-up techniques and perfume creation. You will have all the knowledge required to offer our customers a unique and personalised service.

- Training for store managers

Store manager or manager, you will receive a complete immersion in Sephora’s management methods.

How do you steer your store or department to achieve its sales goals? How do you manage, motivate and grow your team? You will have all the tools to answer these questions. We focus on giving you the tools and performance indicators that will enable you to be a management professional who can meet every challenge. 

- Training for work at head office

At head office, we work with each employee to help them express and fully reveal their true potential. Our training, tailored to individual needs, also responds to our strategic challenges, new market trends and developments in the world of beauty.


Want to travel the world?

At Sephora, mobility plays a key role in the development of our employees and the success of the business.

For employees, mobility is a source of personal and professional growth; they can develop new skills, acquire new experiences and expand their professional network.

For Sephora, a wealth of experience and skills generates energy and creativity, which are key drivers for our business.

These are key factors in the personal development and loyalty of our employees.
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