Sephora and you

The Sephora Bug

We like to say that you get “bitten by the Sephora bug”. The symptoms are clear enough : a real passion for the world of beauty, attention to customers and a strong desire to enhance the beauty of each individual. And the results ? Ask our staff. They know that once you’re touched by Sephora, you’re never the same again !

Personalities not just CVs

We think talent often exceeds qualifications, age, gender or background. That’s why we look beyond your cv to discover who you really are. If you are a focused, creative individual. If you care about customers and are genuinely interested in skincare, perfume and makeup. If you show initiative, drive, and daring. If you are energetic and have a positive outlook. If this is you, and you work happily in a team, then we want you on our team!

Becoming Sephora

From first introductions to career promotions, we support you on every step of your Sephora adventure. And whether you’re based at Head Office or working in-store, if you have talent, it’ll be recognized and nurtured. Award winning training and development programs. Internal competitions. Daily challenges. Motivated staff get plenty of opportunities to move forward, both personally and professionally.
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