Every day is an adventure at Sephora. And every adventure worthy of the name demands a certain way of working. Communal, creative, energetic, and fun.

Creativity for Community

Being part of a group doesn’t mean you have to follow the herd. On the contrary. A community is stronger when it includes many different points of view. That’s why we value individuality – for fresh ways of thinking and unexpected ideas. In fact, we count on the personal creativity of every single one of our people. To help us unearth wonder brands, dream up new products or create exciting services for our customers. At Sephora, your personality is a key part of our community.

Alice C.
Store Manager
According to me, Sephora has the spirit of a warrior, which means fighting to always be the best, taking care of the "troops" and respecting fundamental values.

Taste for Challenge

Despite our success, we’re not the types to sit on our laurels. We can’t even sit still! We’re on our feet to meet daily challenges. We’re enterprising: we take the first steps on our own. And we dare: unafraid to make decisions and take action. We’re practical: we get the job done quickly, with the time and resources available. And while we might not be able to bend over backwards, we’re pretty flexible too - asking every day, how can we do better next time?

Fun for Everyone

Working together is a pleasure. At Sephora we get a kick out of creating a fun, demanding work environment. You’ll find playfulness and humour define our approach at every level of business. And because we work hard, we think it’s important to take pleasure and pride in every task. In the end, our customers can feel our enjoyment.


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