An open state of mind. A team spirit. A direct approach. An expert vision. Step into Sephora Attitude.

Feeling for Community

Inclusive. Making room for others, and helping them along.

Cooperative. Working together is how we get things done.

Supportive. Talking to each other, listening to what others have to say. Knowing that when you care for others as well as yourself, you create a stronger community.

Together, let’s be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Freedom for Expression

Here at Sephora we think freely, talk openly, act directly. We communicate in a straightforward way every day, with everyone. Transparency define our relationships with others. So we take responsibility for our decisions and admit our mistakes. That’s the straight way forward to building trust with partners, colleagues and customers alike. And ultimately, that’s the way to a better Sephora.

Laetitia R.
Advertising and PR Director
Sephora asks of its employees to become small entrepreneurs. When you want, you can. Because everything changes all the time, it is necessary to go fast, to stick together, to strongly want it and in the end, like in a football or rugby team, it is the whole team that wins!

Quality for Customers

At Sephora, every single day we go beyond the expected to deliver our customers a unique shopping experience. Everything we do starts here. So we share our expertise, helping colleagues and partners learn and grow. Helping them continue to surprise customers with their insight. We keep an eye out too, noticing things others don’t see, like new products or potential opportunities for growth. But at the end of the day, all our striving and seeking comes down to one thing. Our customers. Caring for our customers, that’s what Sephora Attitude is all about.


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