Sephora's committment

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At Sephora, we encourage daring choices in beauty and in life.

Our commitment is borne out in the SEPHORA STANDS programme, which develops socially and environmentally responsible initiatives.






Sephora supports 

Sephora is close to diverse communities of women with over 500 local charities chosen for their actions in supporting equality and inclusion. Sephora has engaged with them through its employees. It also encourages the generosity of its customers by matching their donations.


Sephora inspires and helps to empower women

Even in the beauty industry, women entrepreneurs are under-represented. SEPHORA ACCELERATE was launched in 2016 to support a growing community of female business owners with their own start-ups, in all areas of beauty and in many different countries. Each year, on Women’s Day, Sephora leads initiatives to help women progress in their careers.


Sephora helps

Showing yourself in the best light helps to increase your self-confidence. SEPHORA CLASSES FOR CONFINDENCE offers beauty training and coaching to allow women going through major life events to present themselves confidently and in the best way possible.


In some figures:

- More than 50,000 people encouraged by the Classes for Confidence programme to date.

- 33 businesses founded by women who benefited from the Sephora Accelerate support ecosystem.

- More than 500 non-for-profit partners at local and global level.


Sephora protects

Sephora, as a leader in the world of beauty, aims to develop its activities in a responsible way by limiting its impact on the environment, undertaking a positive transformation of its value chain in line with the LIFE 2020 programme from LVMH Group.


Sephora limits its environmental footprint

Sephora is aware of the impact of its products, packaging and stores. They are routinely checked and monitored. From the data gathered, Sephora made the choice to turn towards eco-design, using materials that reduce environmental impact by minimising the use of precious natural resources and reducing waste in manufacturing and packaging.


Sephora acts against global warming

Sephora aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020. To do this, the company is changing its energy consumption across 2,500 stores. The main factors are: installing LED lighting, renewing air conditioning and heating equipment and the search for high environmental performance from the design phase of new stores via the certification process. Sephora has been a pioneer in the use of electric transport for store deliveries and in taking its electricity from renewable sources.


Sephora empowers and supports its suppliers

Sephora works with thousands of suppliers. In its relationship with these suppliers, the key factors are: product safety, respect of social conditions, fight for anti-corruption and best environmental practices. These demands are formalised through the code of conduct set out by LVMH. Our suppliers are subject to assessment and audits, based on social and environmental factors. Beyond simple checks, targeted support is also offered to help our partners progress.





In some figures:

- 700, 000 recycled perfume bottles each year.

- 30% renewable electricity of all electricity used by Sephora in Europe.

- 3 ranges of Sephora Collection already benefiting from eco-design and more to follow.
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