Beauty Intelligence

Passion for Beauty

Early adopters. New idea spotters. All Sephora beauty advisors started out as passionate customers. Beauty experts who – like you - spent precious hours  testing products and methods, colors and styles. This passion for beauty, for helping people reveal their best selves, is what it takes to become a Sephora beauty advisor.

Advice that fits

With thousands of brilliant Sephora and international brand products, our customers rely on us for guidance. And we’re happy to help.  With an eye for detail and the sense that every customer is an individual who deserves special attention. With personalized tips and suggestions, make-up lessons and beauty treatments. So our customers get the impartial advice they need to put their best face forward.

Freedom for all

When you step inside Sephora you enter an extraordinary world, a place where your heart beats faster and the possibilities beckon. Being free to explore possibilities is what Sephora is all about. And it’s not just our customers who value that freedom. Sephora advisors do too. At Sephora we encourage our experts to freely express their opinions because we believe those opinions are valuable.

Just within reach

Sephora beauty advisors are never obtrusive, but always within reach – to listen, understand and inform. Honestly. Because when it comes to beauty, people can make up their own minds. They just need expert advices.
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