Once upon a time

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When Dominque Mandonnaud opened his first perfume store in 1969, perfumes, creams and make-up were hidden away behind counters, jealously guarded by intimidating sales assistants. The message was clear: “please buy before you try!”

Mr Mandonnaud revolutionised the world of cosmetics by choosing to place the beauty products at the centre of the store, giving customers the chance to move freely and touch and try the products. A great first!

Thanks to this daring idea, success came almost straight away. Sephora was a pioneer and revolutionised the sales of beauty products.

Still today, by passing through the doors of a Sephora store, you enter a sensual universe, one which stimulates and teases. The sales assistants have been replaced by advisors

Sephora is not just a distributor of beauty products, Sephora is an original and daring brand, with Sephora Collection creating some of our most popular and innovative products.



Essentially, Sephora is:

- 15, 000 options
- More than 3 million visitors annually to our flagship store in on the Champs Elysées, (more than the number of visitors to the Eiffel Tower!)
- Around 330 stores in France and 2,500 globally.
- 39,000 employees, with 5000 in France.


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A subsidiary of the prestigious LVMH group since 1997, today Sephora has stores throughout Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and Asia and it continues to open in new countries and cities.

Always on the hunt for new talent and new markets, we never miss an opportunity to improve and offer the best range of beauty products to our customers.

Whether with our own brand Sephora Collection, with sephora.fr (our largest store with more than 4.4 million visitors a month) and in all areas of innovation, we aim to race further and further ahead of our competitors!

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