In any adventure, the outcome depends on you. It’s certainly true of a Sephora adventure – no two career paths go in the same direction. If you put yourself out there - rising to challenges and leaping into new situations - we’ll be there to meet you. With plenty of opportunities to develop and grow. So, where will your adventure take you?

Sephora Mobility

Mobility is one of our favourite words. Just ask Marie-Christine Marchives, who started as a Beauty Advisor and is now the General Manager for France. And at Sephora, mobility means moving in all sorts of interesting directions. Moving forward, perfecting and increasing your ability to do your job or learning to do another. Moving abroad, to the more than 29 countries in the Sephora community. Or moving over, to another business sector in the luxury LVMH Group.

Philippe P.
EMEA Interior design concept Director
At Sephora, you need to know how to generate, manage and carry through your ideas.

Playing an active role

How do you move forward at Sephora? By playing an active role. Taking risks and making decisions. Because even if you make mistakes we think you’ll still gain by the experience. You’ll also move forward more easily if you take others with you: we encourage people who can motivate others and share success. People who can build solid relationships with colleagues and partners. Because while we develop as individuals, we’re developing the Sephora community too.

Opportunities for Growth

Objectives. Challenges. Results. Your career at Sephora offers you many opportunities for growth, from daily challenges to international competitions and specialized training. Experiences that are both professionally and personally rewarding. We’re there for you, to support your talent and help you identify these opportunities as they come up.

There’s just one question remaining. Are you ready to take the challenge?


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