...within the human resources team

Are you convinced that the most beautiful entrepreneurial adventures are driving by human ingenuity? Do you know how to combine kindness & high-standards? Do you have listening and analytical skills, creativity and a hunger for exceptional results?
Do you have energy to spare and the desire to make a difference in developing others?
Join our Human Resources teams and contribute to our transformation!
Attraction of new talents, development of each individual's potential, support for organizational agility, modernization of training and development, effective administrative support or maintenance of constructive social relations ... Whatever your field of intervention, you will help make every moment of our employees' lives an exceptional experience, a key to their commitment to Sephora's growth around the world.

...in the administrative and financial team

Are you able to analyse, understand and benefit from each situation? Ensuring the financial performance of Sephora today and tomorrow is a challenge for you!
Join Accounting, Management Control, Finance, Legal or Internal Audit teams.
You will be responsible for risk management, you will monitor and analyse the results, provide legal safeguards for our activities; and you will participate in the development of the brand in France and abroad.
Your expertise will be a great asset for us to continue to improve and perform together.

...to Sephora Collection brand

Sephora is more than a beauty retailer, its innovative cosmetics brand, Sephora Collection, creates some of our most popular and creative products.
Sephora Collection is always on the lookout for new passionate, creative and daring talents to support its development. Audacious, passionate and engaged beauty obsessives are the perfect fit for the Sephora Collection teams.

You will be able to fully express your creativity and contribute to the success of our star brand!

...in the information systems team

Are you rigorous and do you always get a head start? IST ensures that information systems are efficient, reliable and meet the demands of an omni-channel universe, providing a seamless experience between physical stores and e-commerce. The IST works in particular in Systems and Networks, Media Stores, Application Development and new projects to provide solutions to make life easier for our customers, store teams and headquarters.
Whether training users or setting up systems in new markets, your expertise and pragmatism are essential!
You will identify the opportunities offered by technological innovations to better meet the needs of our clients and offer them differentiating experiences.

in our offer and image team

Are you able to satisfy and anticipate the wishes of our customers to guide each of our actions? The Supply and Image team has a place for you.
All of these departments (Category Management, Negotiations, Communication, Creation, Merchandising, Design, Retail Marketing) have the mission of defining the strategy of supply and services, its implementation in our stores and on our digital ecosystem and its support plan via our communication platform.
One goal: to offer an ever more consistent and differentiating experience to our customers and continue to build our Brand.
Creative and communicative, driven by the desire to amaze our customers!

... about digital and marketing customer

Are you a digital expert full of ideas for the next generation of E-commerce? Put Our Digital and Marketing teams will help you turn your energy into something special.
Got experience in E-commerce and Mobile, Online, E-commerce Markets, Studies, Customer Marketing or E-marketing? Then one of these departments is for you!
Become part of our digital community, beat our customers’ expectations and contribute to the development of our E-commerce and the success of our digital transformation.

...within real estate development

Are you a good negotiator and do you like to be mobile?
The real estate development team unearths and negotiates the best locations for Sephora stores around the world. Our professional engineers, Architect/Designer, Extension Manager, put all their energies and expertise into the design, construction, renovation and decoration of our stores and our head offices.
You will participate in the international influence of the brand and prepare the future.

...in logistic

You are innovative and organised?
The Supply Chain team has a sense of detail and is committed to constantly innovating logistics. Essential qualities to manage the flow of products, POS and information between our suppliers, our stores and our customers.
You will strive for excellence at all levels, from enterprise data management, to planning, to supplier relationships and warehouse management.

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