Marketing Department

At Sephora, the desire to delight our customers drives everything we do. It’s certainly the case in the Marketing Department.

The four teams - Customer Marketing, Advertising-Communication, Operational Marketing and Studio – coordinate our contact with customers. Here we define the Sephora Customer Relationship strategy, and ensure our creative message is consistent across countries and media channels.

Original and communicative individuals who love to work with others work here, in Merchandising, Promotions, Communications or PR, Direct Marketing, Data Intelligence, CRM or Customer Services.


This department handles Sephora’s e-commerce websites.
Specifically, the E-Store team works to increase the productivity and growth of Sephora’s e-commerce division. These days, is our top-selling store!

If you have digital skills, and new ideas about how to keep customers entertained, we’re looking for you for Internet projects, E-Supply Chain, E-Merchandising, On-line Marketing, or E-Category Management.

Sephora Private Label

The Sephora brand, "Made in Sephora", is an audacious, creative and original brand that proposes excellent beauty products at accessible prices.

If you understand and share our brand values - beauty, playfulness, daring, freedom, choice and surprise – you could help us continue to lead the market.

"Made in Sephora" values creative teamwork in all areas: Development and Design, Product Marketing, Quality and Regulatory Standards, Operational Marketing and Logistics.

IT Department

The IT Department makes sure that Sephora’s IT systems are efficient and reliable, and adapted to our needs. Whether training users or setting up systems in new countries, expertise and a practical, achievement oriented approach is required. And it helps us stay ahead of the competition.

That’s why we gather information about customers - to better meet their needs, and improve our performance in the process. IT teams work in Systems and Networks, Store Support, or develop exciting new applications and projects.

Finance Department

Ensuring a strong financial performance today and tomorrow is a challenge.

Taking on responsibilities of managing risk, monitoring results, maintaining regulatory compliance – it’s all part of developing the company in France and on the international stage.

Your expertise is welcome on our financial team, so we can continue to improve in every way possible. Join us in our Accounting, Auditing, Cost Control, or Legal divisions.

Human Resources Department

When your resource is human, you need a friendly approach, a feeling for people and a lot of energy!

The HR Department anticipates our hiring needs, supporting international expansion, recruiting talent and developing loyalty through our Sephora employer brand. Promoting an exciting career management system that develops each individual’s potential.

In HR, a flexible, compassionate attitude helps when implementing Sephora HR policies around the world, ensuring a positive workplace whatever the country.

Property Development

The Property Development team use their initiative to discover and negotiate new properties for Sephora stores around the world.

They then put their expertise and energy to work designing and building, decorating or renovating these stores. Their professional skills? Construction Engineering, Architecture or Interior Design, and Expansion Planning.


The supply chain team has an eye for detail and the ambition to keep improving and innovating.

They need to in order to successfully handle the flow of supplies, products and information between suppliers and stores.

They constantly push for excellence in all areas, from managing the company’s data flow, to planning, supplier relationships and handling warehouses and transportation.

- at head office
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