Beauty Advisors

If you’re a Beauty Advisor, you welcome customers with a genuine smile, offering them friendly, personalized advice. Making customers feel special is your speciality. To succeed, you cultivate a positive outlook, professional competence and friendly human contact.

You are curious and you welcome each product innovation as a new business opportunity and a source of satisfaction for customers.

Life as a Beauty advisor is fast-paced but fun - you enjoy the creativity, and working as part of a team. Every day you get to show what you’re made of.

Store Manager

You enjoy being responsible for your store’s sales performance, and your competitive streak helps you increase profitability.

In full command of every detail of store management – from merchandising to quality - you never lose sight of the most important goal: satisfy the customer.

While you expect the best of your teams, you are fair and recognize a job well done too.

Section Manager (Specialist)

You are responsible for sales performance in your section. Your chance to impress!

A strong communicator, and a good coach, you energise and motivate your team of Beauty Consultants daily. You know everything about the products, and you stay on top of new developments. You share that information freely, because you know that an informed team is better positioned to help customers.

Organised, with strong managerial skills, you handle everything from deliveries to coordinating your team with confidence.

Area Manager

Obsessed with customer satisfaction, you look at ways of making the customer experience better at every point along the sales chain. Your logical, organised approach is a big help to the Regional Manager. It relies on your communication skills to get the latest performance data.

You have great commercial instincts and an eye for details – you can see right away what visual merchandising can increase sales.

Ambitious and dynamic, you’re bold enough to put your ideas for constant improvement into action.

Regional Manager

It’s down to you and you welcome the challenge! You’re highly committed to developing the turnover for your regional network of stores.

Because you liaise between Head Office and the stores, your ability to communicate clearly is highly valuable. You help stores understand and act on the sales policy. That means everything from the quality of customer experience to merchandising and inventory management.

Practical, flexible, energetic – you put all of yourself into building and managing your teams. Recruitment and training, spotting and nurturing future managerial talent – your people skills are an asset.

- in store
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