Get your application ready

Are you ready to show us your CV?


Your CV is your first impression – make sure it shows us your best side.


There is no single rule for a successful CV but there are some things you should not overlook to make sure you show yourself in the best light:


- Highlight what makes you unique: your skills, your experience.

- Give substance to your words with solid, real-life examples. Specify your role, your impact and give some figures.

- Take care with the layout to highlight important information and make sure you read it.

- Be careful about the accuracy of the information you provide, the choice of your words and especially the spelling.

- Make sure you have an up-to-date CV.


Some key information to include:

- Your training,

- Your professional experience,

- Your key skills,

- Your language skills,

- Your contact details,


Finally you can, if you wish, share some more personal information to shed a light on your personality. At Sephora, we are very committed to diversity and we like to recruit unique personalities!


Are you ready to stand out?

A cover letter allows you to show us who you are. It is not a question of repeating the information you put in your CV, but of telling us more about yourself.

Reveal yourself and tell us why you want to join us. What interests you in the job and how your personality and background make you the ideal candidate for us.

Be concise; get right to the point, we must understand in a few lines what makes you unique and perfect for the opportunity we’re offer you.


Important: To avoid formatting problems, remember to send your documents in PDF format.


Are you ready to ace it by successfully completing your interview?


The interview is a decisive step to joining us. 

This is an opportunity to introduce yourself and meet those with whom you may be working.


To be successful, it is important to be yourself and be enthusiastic. However, it is useful to prepare well:

- Take the time to read about our Group. For example, you can go look around a store and/or on our web site and our applications.

- You must be able to present who you are and the details of your career in a few minutes. Do not recite your CV; choose the most salient points depending on the role for which you are applying.

- Prepare yourself according to the duties associated with the position you are applying for and reflect on your strengths to do the job.

- Identify the challenges that will be yours and the approach you want to take to overcome them.

- Take the opportunity to ask the questions you have about the job and the work environment. You should also use the interview to see whether you really want to join us or not!

- Plan what questions to ask about the position, department or company and show us you are interested.


Practical side of things:

- Smile, be natural and express yourself slowly - do not talk too fast!

- Dress accordingly, not too much, not too little ... (can we say something more about the fact that we’re in the beauty top division? Something like, "everyone is an ambassador for our brand?”)

- Have your CV with you.

- Arrive early and take the time to breathe before you begin.
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