Are You Sephora?

The Sephora Community is expecting you! But before you start your adventure, it’s time to ask yourself a few questions. Do you have the right qualities and personality to succeed at Sephora?

A beautiful idea: customers come first

Are you ready to put your passion and expertise in the service of customers?

We’re fascinated by beauty. That’s why we know so much about it! But our expertise is nothing without the interest, care and compassion we show our customers. Making customers happy as well as beautiful is at the core of everything we do. Can customers be your focus too?

Grégoire L.
CFO France
Our strength is to be able to associate the boldness of a start up to the power of a leader.

Creativity drives our excellence

Do you have a creative flair that entertains, delights and surprises?

Our playful and innovative approach is what keeps us on the leading edge of the cosmetics and perfume industry. Can your creativity color our world?

Excitement and energy move us forward

Do you have bold moves, and the energy and initiative to put them into action?

 Challenge is part of daily life at Sephora - we’re always pushing to do more, be better. We take risks. Make courageous decisions. You might call it a taste for adventure, a daily adventure that involves all of us. Do you want a piece of the action?

Freedom is just another word for Sephora

Are you ready to live our day-to-day, your way?

Exploration. Discovery. Adventure. Sephora represents a world of freedom for customers and employees alike. Freedom to play, to try, to experiment. Freedom to discover new sides to yourself. Freedom to say what’s on your mind, sharing ideas and information freely. Are you willing to break down barriers?

Sephora is a community of individuals

At Sephora we say, “vive la différence!” We embrace different personalities and profiles, and support different ways of achieving shared goals. We’re one vast community of individuals, working together to make Sephora the most exciting beauty retailer in the world.
Are you prepared to be yourself and be part of the Sephora community?
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