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Are you ready to be a beauty adventurer ?


Sephora is the world’s most loved beauty community!


A renowned and innovative retailer, Sephora offers its customers an unbeatable experience with the best classic products, new brands and Indy darlings. We Teach, Inspire and Play with our guests to provide a shopping environment that surprises and delights better than anybody else.  


The fastest growing prestige beauty retailer and the World Retail Congress’s Retailer of the Year for 2018, Sephora’s success in 34 countries is created by our teams, which are packed with real pioneers who have a passionate eye for new trends. They make our company unique, creating a diverse community of fascinating individuals who are free to express their talents.


To ensure that Sephora stays ahead of its competition we support, stimulate and train our teams so they can offer something new and special every day.


Are you ready to create the beauty of tomorrow?


At Sephora, development and innovation drives everything that we do, for our customers, our partners and for each other. It’s this determination to excel and be unique that gives our community its special character.


Every member of our teams has a distinctive creativity and our success has been driven by helping everybody who joins us to express themselves.


It’s thanks to our people that we can attract and launch amazing new brands or products and create services that are ever more innovative for our customers. At Sephora, your personality is at the heart of our community.





Our DNA reflects this ambition:


EXCEPTIONAL BEAUTY SELECTION: Innovative and trendy products, exclusive brands, Sephora offers the largest beauty range in the world and the Sephora Collection is one of our shining stars.


FREE TO EXPERIMENT: At Sephora, we touch, test, and experiment, creating dazzling variations for every one of our guests. The fuel that drives us is freedom, giving customers the opportunity to have a “Sephora experience” when, where and how they want in order to find and express their own unique beauty. This freedom is also a reality for our teams. At Sephora, we encourage our experts to express themselves freely.


NON-CONFORMIST: Advertising campaigns that stand out from the rest, innovative and much sought-after services, designer shops and a unique tone: Sephora is never short on ideas to surprise you.


A FUN PLACE TO LEARN: An energised, enthusiastic team of professionals providing exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.


Are you ready to take Sephora to the world together?


Thanks to an environment that’s rich in professional development we are able to offer our customers a unique beauty experience because our teams learn and grow every day.


A career at Sephora is not a career in sales, it’s a career as a beauty expert, one where the individual is key and the quality of service is outstanding.



This way of working, living, thinking, acting is inspired by our model, our values, our culture:

- we are a stand-alone company, the most loved beauty community in the world,

- explaining why we are so proud of being Sephora,

- we love to share Sephora with the world.
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